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The Ultimate Solution For Field Force Management

Our On-Field Sales Force Management Software acts as a catalyst to automate the on-field activity of the force by assisting movement, delegating tasks, and empowering the force.

Locato, the On-Field Sales Force Management Software fetches expansion for the company by powering practical and smart sales decisions by equipping the on-field team with better assistance.

  • GRIDSTEMBetter hold of management on sales operations
  • GRIDSTEM Improved productivity and efficiency of the on-field force
  • GRIDSTEM Better interaction between management and distributors
  • GRIDSTEM Deeper insights on the backend sales for the administration
How Gridstem Helps

6 Reasons Why Gridstem!


Real-time Sales monitoring

Manage activity and performance of on-field staff, even check real-time location of a salesperson


Enhanced Productivity

Saves time through digital attendance thus enhancing overall productivity and profitability.


Transparent Functioning

Eliminate the benefit of the doubt and chances of fraud by effectively monitoring the sales team activity.


Scope For Improvement

Renders scope for improvement by effective analysis of orders, visits, and sales team performance.


Automatic Reporting

Automatic attendance reporting for on-field force without having to waste a minute reporting manually.


Convenient Planning

Easy planning and execution of next step by analyzing data and reports to enhance efficiency.


Where Gridstem Helps

Our On-Field Sales Force Management Software is combined with advanced intelligence and data-driven technology that assembles data and manages the activity of the on-field force. This software can virtually manage the workforce in diverse departments of the industry and spurs the growth of the company, both in the short and long term.

Sales and Marketing

Track employees daily activity along with a checklist of their tasks and their meetings with the salesmen.


Allot tasks and get delivery assurance along with tracking productivity and deal success through informative reports.


Keep a check on employee attendance via biometric entry and exit reports along with maintaining on-site employee strength.


Keep track of employee availability on site along with keeping track of employee performance to minimize time wastage.


Keep track of on-field staff and their locations while on an operation to enhance the credibility along with performance.


Track and allocate resources in healthcare industries for smooth functioning in times of medical emergencies.

Locato Benefits

How Does Locato Help?

We imply a progressive approach to delivering quality-driven services by developing applications that suit the organizations unique requirements to track the activity of the on-field force effectively during working hours.

Field Manager

    Attendance Management

    Better attendance management through on-field employee tracking software.


    Resource Planning

    Optimized route plan and improved resource utilization by on-field staff.


    Optimized Working

    Comprehensive information on field staff availability and tasks allotted.


    Task Management

    Better management of appointments and tasks assigned.

On-Field Force

    Schedule Update

    Easy real-time field activity information update from anywhere


    Efficient Planning

    Effective route planning saves time and enhances efficiency.


    Customer Details

    Instant customer details on mobile to start the job immediately.


    Better Workflow

    Easy offsite analysis by capturing pictures of on-field activities.

Field Force Conduct

Solutions to Force Management Challenges

  • Gridstem

    Work Order Management Challenges

    Effective micromanagement by keeping a check on activities and tasks performed by the on-field staff.

  • Gridstem

    Scheduling Conflicts

    Streamline workflow through effective interaction by eliminating potential discrepancies by giving real-time visibility into every field activity.

  • Gridstem

    Communication Issues

    Exchange of information between on-field force and management through a well-developed interface to enable transparency.

  • Gridstem

    Route Planning Challenges

    Optimizing route planning using on-field force GPS tracking software to lower operational cost and time.

Working Process

One Step Forward With Quality Driven Services

Our progressive approach to delivering quality-driven services is run by careful research, planning, and development to deliver the product as promised.


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Gridstem Features

Field Force Management At Your Fingertips

Team Conduct

Field Force Assist

Our solution allows effective management of on-field force by tracking their live location and mapping their distance using minimum battery usage. The software offers accurate data ensuring maximum productivity.

Attendance management

Effective and convenient record of details like login time, logout time, off days along with distance traveled and working hours through the software ensuring maximum data accuracy.

Location Tracking

Our Field Force Tracking Software allows keeping track of the location, activity, and attendance of on-field force virtually eliminating any holdups.

Visit management

Manage activity of on-field staff like visits to customers, time to reach the destination, as well as stoppage period. The detailed report help analyzes and keeps a check on missed customers.

Route Planning and Execution

Develop and allocate a course of action for the daily activity to the on-field force along with keeping track of the execution of the given assignment through the software.

Client Interaction

Clientele Managerial Support

Manage your field force with Locato. This location tracking software effectively tracks location, manages tasks, and attendance of the employees.

Managing Clientele

The software gives a medium to virtually update details regarding the existing and prospective clients to efficiently manage clientele and coordinate with them.

Scheduling Meetings

Assign particulars and meetings details with the client to the field force staff without discrepancies to virtually schedule and conduct meetings.

Assigning Course of Action

The managerial department assigns a course of action to execute the meeting without any holds and challenges to facilitate smooth dealings.

Meeting Briefs and Report

The software allows recording the details of the meeting to form a thorough report virtually for better insights and workflow.

Further Aspects


Our On-Field Force Management Software offers multiple features to efficiently manage force eliminating any discrepancies and facilitating better coordination between management and team.

Target Based System

Set targets for the sales team and keep track of whether the goal is achieved or not following a detailed report.

Messaging and Notification

Instantly share information with the field staff like the company’s attainments, new product launches, and schemes.

Data Transaction

Convenient and effective import and export of data through user-friendly interfaces using integrations with other software like Excel.

Expense Processing

A transparent reimbursement flow that provides relevant information for approving or rejecting a claim.


Ready To Automate Your Field Force?

Boost your force performance with our Field Force Management Software. It will help you elevate your business to new levels without compromising on performance and will assist you with better management and coordination between management and on-field force.

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